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What Did God Call Me To Do?

What did God call me to do? Women’s Conferences, he called me to the forefront not the background not hidden. He has Anointed me to lay hands and to deliver, to be seen physically, and let the Love of God flow. 

Naturally I have the passion to be strong and be a Go Gettah but what is God calling me to do that needs to be reflected here on Earth. I can get caught up in the different olive branches why because God has gifted me with certain qualities, God knows that I am determined and passionate about what I put my mind to. I am like Elijah I am a runner for Christ. I can receive the vision, the fuel and go.

But... Don't add nothing to it! Don't take nothing from it! It's like his word. It's the same thing.

I want to encourage you, don’t get lost and caught up in mans/society and traditions way of doing things. Go back to the beginning… What Did God Call YOU To Do? Stick to that and let God work it how he wants to work it, not how you want to work it. (He can possibly add to it and open other doors for other things) But... don't get caught up in that why because if he never does that (what we think is ideal) you have to still be content with what you have! If he don't ever make it multi billion dollar product, if he don't ever send you overseas.

Breaking it down for some: I have a lot of gifts and talents however right now God has called me with clarity to something specific. Because we (society) are told to be independent be a boss create content sale products get your name out there, get on stage!!! PAUSE HOLD UP! However, you know God has spoken something specific to you what do you do?

You always go with Christ and you tell your flesh, pride, ego them however you want to put it I have to be about my Fathers Business. Think about it, you know that it is in you to be victorious you can do it, but will it last? Will reach whom God wants it to reach? Will you be there when that person he sent shows up? You want the Hand of God on every Endeavor of your life.

During the process of creating this website I kept going back and forth with what I wanted, what I think would be cool, what I think could sale based on what eyes have seen and ears have heard but what do you see in this paragraph "I" "I" "I" who am I to where I think I know more than the Creator Elohim?

Let's check ourselves before we reck ourselves going the wrong way to nothing! When God says go this way it will lead to something. Matthew 7:13-14

Take care and be Blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ. I wanted to share with you in this moment what God spoke. I believe that I am not alone in this and here is what God is saying and what he wants.

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