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You are Important to God Almighty

When everything you try does not work. It’s like you are not able to do what the majority does. From Clothes, Shoes, Hair ideas, products, food. It’s very loving because it’s like God himself puts his stamp on you. It’s like he wants you to know just how special you are. How gifted and talented you are. How peculiar you are and he does not want you to be tainted.

It’s like when a parent says, no you can not go there, no you can not wear that. I am coming to pick you up after! It’s like they sub-continuously and continuously separate you from the crowd. (They have been given a mandate) They tell you where you can go and where you can not go!

We get frustrated and angry and say you never let me do anything, or your so overprotective, or you don’t know!!!

When in all reality they do, when in all reality they are just trying to protect you. When in all reality they are just trying to show you how special you are!!! How valuable and important your life is to them!!!!

You are precious to them and God Almighty says you are precious and valuable to him also.

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