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Evelyn Richardson’s passion is to provide a service that will help people walk in their full potential here on Earth.


Assisting with Goals, Challenges, Limitations and more. 


Providing private, quality, confidential and attentive time during one on one sessions.


Identifying the need of her clients and providing a possible resolution for them. 

Purple Flowers

Why would someone need a Purpose & Life Coach but not limited to:

  • Wanting to move forward just need some direction 

  • Seeking change from past repetitive cycles 

  • Seeking change from Toxcicity 

  • A listening ear to share your story with 

  • Change

  • Uncovering hidden talent(s) 

What can I expect on these one on one sessions? 

  • Expect one on one attentiveness 

  • Confidentiality

  • A Safe Place 

  • Step by Step written plans 

  • Tools & Resources to assist you with your needs

  • Homework 

Session Topics not limited to:

  • Getting over a unhealthy Relationship(s)

  • Breaking free from Toxicity

  • Setting Goals & Executing them 

  • Finding Purpose-I Believe the Lord is calling me in this area? 

  • Walking in Parenthood as a Full Time Mother

  • Singleness

  • Celibacy

  • Overcoming Challenges

  • Deeply Rooted Past Hurt

  • Struggles of Abandonment 


Degree & Certification 

Biblical Principles 

Personal Life Experiences

Being a Full time Single Mother with a Disability living on her own, from bad relationships, toxicity, rape, abandonment, odds against me, and more! I share all in my book From Birth to Heaven available on Amazon and on YHTP Ministries. I have learned so much in which it has impacted how I see my life, disappoints, heartbreak, challenges, struggles, addictions and lack. I refuse to allow any limitations any circumstances to stand in the way of my determination to succeed



  1. Once my one on one session is done can I sign up for more? Yes

  2. Can I receive a discount from referring someone? Yes, once they book with me & they complete their first session you will receive 10% off of your next session. 

  3. What does it take to get started? Schedule a meet & greet for 20 mins to make sure this is for you OR if you are sure this is for you go to the Services tab on our website and go to Coaching Services and schedule your session and we will go from there. 

  4. How will you communicate with me? Our one on one sessions will be available via Zoom or Phone and via Email.  

  5. Do I have to talk with you physically online? No, if you are not comfortable, we can do it over the phone or virtually with the cameras off. Totally up to you!

  6. Once my one on one sessions are done can I stay in touch? We welcome and invite you to connect with us on our Ministry Page as well as YHTP Coaching Page and here. 

  7. Are there Refunds? You are able to receive a refund within 24 hours of scheduling your coaching session. Once 24 hours has gone by you are no longer eligible to receive a refund. 

  8. Do you Coach only Women? Yes 

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