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Do You Believe That This is Possible?

I was praying and talking to God this morning and I don't know how my soon to be husband wherever he may be came up. But I said this sentence once and then it dawned on me... I said it again, with boldness, assurance and confidence!

"He will not be like anything else".........

Just like Eve was divine and heavenly created, so will he be! And the saying there are many others out there like him?! No, there won't be! I am created from him (his rib) for him. And he is created from God for me... Whoo that's deep! I am his helpmate but he will be my soul mate! Nothing like him around. Nothing will compare, nothing will compete he will be for me, specifically only me!

I know that I am different, and what God has called me to do, no one else can do it. What God created and designed Adam to do; it was only him, that was called to do it. Why? God created him specifically alone for that task. Why? Because he placed everything in him (you) to execute that task(s), to overcome that obstacle(s). To overcome those challenges. So believe that what God gives you... "It's 1 of a kind, and there is no one like it!"

It is heavenly and divinely created for you and you for it!

Prepare for it! Get Ready!!!

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